The Woodentops, 1955

The Woodentops was a children’s TV series first shown on BBC TV as part of it’s Watch With Mother Slot in 1955.

There were 26 episodes shown between 1955 and 1957, which were repeated regularly until 1973.

The series was filmed in a tin shed at the BBC’s Lime Grove Studios using wooden puppets.  In 1983 the original puppets were stolen from the BBC. They were spotted a year later in an auction room in London and returned and can now be found in the Museum of London’s permanent collection.

The aim of the programme was to teach pre-school children about family life.


The Woodentops was a puppet show that revolved around the day to day life of The Woodentop family who lived on a farm.

Episodes would begin with the whole family being introduced as they sat in front of a tall curtain, apparently on a stage. Episodes would  close with the family grouped in the same pose, with the word “GOODBYE” superimposed above.







Audrey Atterbury
Molly Gibson
Gordon Murray


Eileen Browne
Josephine Ray
Peter Hawkins
Maira Bird (Narrator and Mummy Woodentop)


Channel: BBC TV
Created By: Freda Lingstorm and Maira Bird
Scripts and Music: Maira Bird
Designs: Barbara Jones
Original Transmission Dates: 1955 – 1957

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