Yus, My Dear – 1976

Another sitcom from the London Weekend stable.  Yus My Dear was the spin off sequel from the classic Romany Jones.  It starred Arthur Mullard and Queenie Watts reprising their roles  as Wally and Lilly Briggs.

It has faired less well in people’s memories and at the time than it’s predecessor, gaining modest ratings and a reputation of being one of the worst ever sitcoms.  However it did run on ITV for 19 episodes over two series in 1976.

It is also noted for an  early regular TV appearance of the comedian Mike Reid.


Caravan dwellers Wally and Lil Briggs are forced off their Romany site and are now living in a council house

They are still waring with each other, but are joined by Wally’s layabout brother, Benny (Mike Reid).

Whilst Wally ‘s earning top wages on a building site, Benny is busy with inventing plenty of ways to spend poor Wally’s hard-earned cash before Lil can get to it…




Arthur Mullard
Queenie Watts
Mike Reid


Channel: ITV
Produced and Directed By: Stuart Allen
Written By: Ronald Chesney and Ronald Wolfe
Original Transmission Dates: 9th January – 28th November 1976



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