A Fine Romance, 1981

From the pen of the late Bob Larbey (The Good Life) comes this eighties gem, produced by London Weekend Television, another one overlooked for repeats by digital TV.

A Fine Romance was a British situation comedy starring husband-and-wife team Judi Dench and Michael Williams.  It ran for 26 episodes over four series between 1981 and 1984.

The series was nominated for nine BAFTA British Academy Television Awards and a winner of two, both for Dench’s performance in 1982 and 1985.


The plot revolves around Laura Dalton, played by Dench, a single, middle-aged translator who is somewhat socially inept.  Her younger sister Helen, played by Penhaligon, and her husband Phil (Richard Warwick) pair her up with Mike Selway (Williams), a shy landscape gardener.

The series follows their awkward romance and insecurities.  Bad luck seems to follow them everywhere, from the ferry to Calais to an attempted romantic evening watching television.







Judi Dench
Michael Williams
Susan Penhaligon
Richard Warwick


Channel: ITV
Written By: Bob Larbey
James Cellan Jones
Graham Evans
Don Leaver
Original Transmission Dates: 1st November 1981 – 17th February 1984


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