Carry On Cleo – 1964

We’ve reached 1964 and the tenth film in the series, Carry On Cleo.  This was the one that produced perhaps the most famous line in comedy history when Kenneth Williams utters those immortal words “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!”

In actual fact this phrase had originally been written by Dennis Nordan and Frank Muir for a project they’d written for in the 1950’s.  Carry On writer Talbot Rothwell knew Dennis Nordan and rang him to ask permission to use it.  Nordan and Muir had thought it had been used and forgotten about so were only to happy to let Rothwell use it for the film.

Carry On Cleo is often described as the best of the series.  All the regular faces line up: Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey and Jim Dale are all present and correct.  Kenneth Connor makes his last appearance until his return in Carry On Up the Jungle six years later. Joan Sims returns to the series for the first time since Carry On Regardless three years earlier.  She now appears in every Carry On up to Carry On Emmannuelle in 1978, making her the most prolific actress in the series.  The title role is played by Amanda Barrie in her second and final Carry On.

The original theatre posters were re – produced by Royal Mail, alongside Carry On Screaming and Carry On Sergeant to commemorate  the 50th anniversary of the Carry On series in June 2008.

The film used the sets that had been built for the Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor epic Antony and Cleopatra when production of that movie moved to Rome.


Caesar is not enjoying life – the British weather doesn’t agree with him…he’s caught a cold.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, his general, Mark Anthony, is plotting with Cleopatra to overthrow him.

Meanwhile, genius inventor Hengist Pod, has come up with a brilliant idea to stop carts rolling downhill – square wheels.  But before he can perfect his idea, he and his friend Horsa are captured and sold into slavery. What will become of him…?






Main Cast

Sid James
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Connor
Charles Hawtrey
Jim Dale
Joan Sims
Amanda Barrie


Written By: Talbot Rothwell
Produced By: Peter Rogers
Directed By: Gerald Thomas
Original Release Date: November 1964



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