Britain’s Unsung Comedy Heroes – Snide


Back in the 1950’s when radio dominated comedy, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson created one of if not the greatest unsung comedy hero “Snide”

Tony Hancock was king of the airwaves in the 1950’s with his weekly radio show, Hancock’s Half Hour attracting millions of listeners each week.  Aided and abetted by Sid James, Bill Kerr, Hattie Jaques and Kenneth Williams.

Kenneth Williams provided the voices for many of the extra characters, but there was one recurring character that earned the nickname “Snide” that created some golden comedy moments.  Each week Hancock would stumble across Snide and the relationship between the two was pure comedy gold.

In later years it was revealed by Kenneth Williams that Tony Hancock hated the Snide character as he thought it was a cheap laugh.

Have a listen to some of these clips and we think you’ll agree that despite Hancock’s protests the the character is  comedy gold.






A personal favourite


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