If Vintage TV Is So Wrong Why Keep Re-making It?

How many times do we hear about how controversial some old TV shows were and how they reflect attitudes of a different era.  For heaven’s sake it’s just entertainment and whilst in some cases it was a little near the knuckle for today’s standards in the world of subscription TV some of these shows should be there, I’m talking to you Brit box, let the viewer decide after all they are paying to re-watch old TV.

If these shows were so bad why do we keep getting re-makes of old shows? Are the TV companies running out of fresh ideas?  So today enough of the rant let’s look at some of those shows that upset people and those that have been re-made/re-invented.

The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin

For this guy it all got too much, but it didn’t stop a new version years later



In 2009 the show was resurrected as Reggie Perrin, Martin Clunes took on the role of Reggie Perrin but this time he was s a middle-aged project executive in charge of disposable razors



The Darling Buds Of May

It seems fitting that 30 years after the regular series of Only Fools And Horses finished that we are treated to another re-make.  Fools had finished in February 1991 as a regular series and by April the same year David Jason starred in this ITV comedy drama.



30 years later we have Bradley Walsh as Pop Larkin in The Larkins



Don’t mix your Porridge

The original series is an all time classic



In 2014 it was one of the classics re-made for the BBC’s landmark comedy season, a full series failed to catch on in 2016

Proving that there is life after an original with Open All Hours?



By keeping it in the family

The plan was to film one more series but like many other things Covid changed all that and the BBC axed the show after 7 years.

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