Cool It – 1985 – 1990

You don’t hear much about this guy these days, having retired from live performances, but during his time he was one of the biggest names on television.

During the 1980’s there was a move to “alternative” comedy with shows like the Young Ones and Comedians such as Ben Elton.  Phil Cool was the alternative impressionist.  Not because of his material but for un canny ability not just to do vocal impressions but take on the facial expressions of those he was taking off.

Despite it’s popularity, Cool It ran for only 15 episodes over three series and A Christmas Special between 1985 and 1990.


Phil Cool combines his amazing vocal impersonations with facial expressions.

The first series was made on a shoestring budget, the set was very basic, with a relatively small audience and with barely any props to assist him, Cool had to rely on his skills as a performer to win over the crowd, this he did brilliantly. Cool It became an instant hit with television audiences and was repeated within a matter of months (which was unheard of at the time for a new television artist). Cool became a household name overnight.

For the second and third series the sets got bigger and more impressive and the studio audience got bigger.  There  were more props and even pre – recorded video inserts







Starring: Phil Cool


Channel: BBC2
Produced By: Steve Weddle
Written By:
Series 1 – Phil Cool
Series 2 – Phil Cool and Jasper Carrott
Series 3 – Phil Cool, Keith Donnelly, Paul Faulkner
Original Run:
Series 1 – 30 August – 13 September 1985
Series 2 – 24 november – 22 December 1986
Series 3 – 1 September – 6 October 1988
Christmas Special – December 1990



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