If you’re of a certain age, early 40’s up over you may remember that time of the evening dedicated to news programs and still is today, but during the 1970’s and 80’s BBC2 introduced us to some legendary comedy with great British connections going back to the days of silent films in the 1920’s.

What today would seem unthinkable viewing to a youngster, black and white and no sound, not to mention all the health and safety warnings you’d have to have, was just very funny.  I am of course talking about Charlie Chaplin the British born actor, comedian etc who went to America and set the world alight with his films.  Sadly in these days of multi channel TV we don’t see much of him on telly, but thank you BBC2 for showing them during the 1970’s.





Charlie Chaplain wasn’t the only Brit to make his name in America.  Stan Laurel born in Ulverston in Cumbria went on with Oliver Hardy to form perhaps the world’s most famous double act, Laurel and Hardy.  Again it was through BBC2 reguarly screening Laurel and Hardy that I was introduced to this pair’s timeless comedy.

Originally made and screened in black and white, for some reason during the 1990’s colourised versions began to appear on video, I always felt it spoiled it but never mind.





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