Steptoe and Son The Movie – 1972

Like many popular sitcoms of the day Steptoe and Son was given the big screen treatment in 1972.  Written by the same writing team that were responsible for the television show, the film sees Harold finally get married but not without intervention at every opportunity from Albert.

Just like it’s television counterpart, the film proved to be a winner at the box office coming out in a profit of six times its cost.  Naturally there had to be a sequel.


Harold and Albert attend a men only evening at the local football club.  Here Harold meets Zita a stripper.  After a whirlwind romance they are married with the usual interference from Albert.

Trouble for Harold doesn’t stop there as Albert accompanies the newly weds on honeymoon causing trouble between them at every opportunity.

After contracting food poisoning and returning home Harold bumps into his wife some months later to find he is going to be a Father, more hilarity ensues as he prepares for the birth and goes about providing for the baby. In true Steptoe style it ends in tears for Harold when he ends up divorced and finds out the child is not his after all.











Wilfrid Brambell
Harry H. Corbett
Carolyn Seymour


Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Produced By: Aida young
Year Of Release: 1972

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