All Change – 1989

It was indeed all change, when in 1989, legendary comedian Frankie Howerd took a dip out of his comfort zone into a different environment.

All change was Howerd’s dip into the world of kids TV.  Screened on ITV the show ran for two series in 1989 and 1991 of six episodes each.


A strange tale for a kids show, the series concerned Uncle Bob, played by Howerd, who decides that he will give all his money when he dies to one branch of his family.

One branch was poor and common, the other branch was rich and snobbish. Each family had two parents and a son and a daughter.

The rich family lived as the poor family and vice versa, although one child stayed in their own home with the newcomers, finding out how the other half lived.

After the end of the series, it was all revealed as a hoax and no-one was any better off.







Frankie Howerd
Peggy Mount
Maggie Steed
Tony Haygarth
Pam Ferris


Channel: ITV
Devised By: Morwenna Banks and Chris England.
Written By:
Tony McHale 
Morwenna Banks  
Chris England 
Paul Simpkin
John Stevenson

Produced By: Yorkshire Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 15th November 1989 – 12th March 1991



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