Frankie Howerd On Campus, 1990

Frankie Howerd was one of the all time greats and master of the double entendre.  He was a regular fixture on our Television screens throughout the 1960’s and 70’s, but during the 1980’s there was less output, however he continued to have a cult following among students that in 1990 lead to him addressing the Oxford Union.

Filmed by London Weekend Television this would lead to a resurgence in his career and to his final series before his death Frankie’s On….in 1992.


Frankie Howerd takes centre stage to address The Oxford Union as only he could.






Starring: Frankie Howerd


Channel: ITV
Written By:
Dennis Berson
Barry Cryer
Ray Galton
Steven Knight
Spike Mullins
Alan Simpson
Peter Vincent
Mike Whitehill

Produced By: Paul Lewis
Directed By: Ian Hamilton
Original Transmission Date: 24th November 1990 (as far as we can ascertain)


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