Matt Lucas Returns !

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Sadly over the weekend the death of legendary actor/director Leonard Nimoy, who of coursecwas most famous for playing Mr Spock on cult TV series Star Trek.  Whilst Nimoy and Star Trek are American the show has a huge fan base worldwide and is as popular today as it was when it first aired in the 1960’s, it’s another legend passed on.  As the years roll by we are reminded that the stars of some of our best loved shows whether from over the water or home based are passing away all to regular, but they leave us with a body of work that is as popular as it ever was, later this year we hope to run a series of posts asking just how much has TV changed and is for the better?

No! No! No!

It has been the butt of many comedians’ jokes over the years but never the less in true soap opera style it has a huge fan base and guess what it’s getting repeated.

Birmingham based Broadcaster Big Centre TV, has launched on freeview channel 8 and has acquired the rights to 3000 episodes of vintage soap opera Crossroads.  However whilst many fans of the soap will be delighted to see it back some of the show’s stars are not so keen.  Full Story

Matt Lucas Returns!

Little Britain star Matt Lucas has returned to BBC 2 with his new six part sitcom Pompidou.

Pompidou is an elderly oddball aristocrat who has fallen on hard times. He lives in a clapped-out old caravan parked in front of his now crumbling estate and is served by his loyal butler Hove, the pair are joined by Marion, an elegant Afghan Hound.

Here Matt talk to Steve Wright In The Afternoon

Sundays BBC2 at 6.30pm