Back where it all began, Carry On Sergeant was the first in what is now a legendary series of British comedy films popular all over the world as much today as when they were first released.  The film had it’s first public screening at Screen One in London on August 1st 1958.

The film itself was based on a play ‘The Bull Boys’ by R.F. Delderfield and was adapted into a film script by Norman Hudis with contributions of additional material from John Antrobus.  the film itself was to inspire the TV series ‘The Army Game’ which coincidentally starred William Hartnell and Charles Hawtry.

Carry On Sergeant hadn’t been intended as the start of a series of films.  It was after the film’s surprising success that producer Peter Rogers and director Gerald Thomas began to plan their next project.  After reusing the Carry On prefix and some cast members in Carry On Nurse (1959) and having success with that the legendary series was born


For six years Sergeant Grimshawe has been a training sergeant, but never the leader of a champion platoon. He accepts a bet from another sergeant that in the next intake, his last before retirement, his squad will pass out top.

Hilarious chaos ensues as Sergeant Grimshaw tries to shape up his shower of recruits  with little success.  However the night before passing out parade with Grimshaw having given up the lads decide that the old sergeant hasn’t been that bad to them after all and they pull together to show just what they can do.  Passing out with flying colours and making the old Sergeant proud.







  • Sgt Grimshaw – William Hartnell
  • Charlie Sage – Bob Monkhouse
  • Captain Potts – Eric Barker
  • Mary Sage – Shirley Eaton
  • Nora – Dora Bryan
  • Horace Strong – Kenneth Connor
  • Peter Golightly – Charles Hawtry
  • James Bailey – Kenneth Williams
  • Corporal Copping – Bill Owen
  • Miles Heywood – Terence Longdon
  • Herbert Brown – Norman Rossington
  • Andy Galloway – Gerald Campion
  • Captain Clark – Hattie Jacques
  • Mr Sage – Martin Wyldeck
  • Mary’s Mum – Helen Goss
  • Sgt O’Brian – Terry Scott
  • Sgt Matthews – John Matthews
  • Sgt Russell – Ed Devereaux
  • Sheila – Leigh Madison


Written By: Norman Hudis with additional material by John Antrobus
Produced By: Peter Rogers
Directed By: Gerald Thomas
Extras: Some of the cast stayed on to become regulars in the series.  These were: Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtry, Kenneth Williams and Terry Scott.


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