Little Britain Goes From Radio To Television

Little Britain, 2003

Doctor Who At 60!

It’s 60 years to the day since William Hartnell’s Doctor first emerged out of the mist and ss Doctor who gets ready to celebrate it’s 60th anniversary later this week we are looking back at some of the show’s comedy connections.  Today it’s the turn of the fourth Doctor Tom Baker, who narrated the hugely popular Little Britain.

Little Britain started life as a radio show.  In 2003 the show leapt onto TV screens , quickly becoming must see TV.

As well as three TV series totalling thirty six episodes, the show spawned a Christmas Special – Little Britain Abroad, nationwide stage tours and an American spin of series Little Britain USA.

The show was written by it’s stars who quickly went on to become household names.


The show is presented as a series of sketches involving exaggerated parodies of British people from all walks of life in various situations familiar to the British.

Brilliantly narrated by Tom Baker, who presents the sketches to the viewer in a manner which suggests that the program is a guide: aimed at non-British people, to the ways of life of various classes of British society.












David Walliams
Matt Lucas

Narrated By: Tom Baker


Channel: BBC Three (series 1&2), BBC1 Series 3, Little Britain Abroad, Little Britain USA
Written And Created By: Matt Lucas and David Walliams
Original Transmission Dates: 4th December 2003 – 31st December 2006