Bewitched, 1964

This US sitcom aired for 8 series over 254 episodes in the USA from 1964 to 1972.  It became a popular fixture in the UK when in the 1960’s the BBC began showing episodes.  These were repeated during the 1970’s, during the then afternoon kids TV slot

Selected episodes were later repeated during the 1990’s on Channel 4.  Whilst the series has been sold to overseas markets and the information is readily available, exact transmission dates for the UK runs are not readily available.

By 1972 in the US the show was beginning to loose the ratings battle. However broadcaster ABC was still contracted to make 2 more seasons, whilst they were prepared to renew for a ninth series star Elizabeth Montgomery was growing tired of the role and wanted to look to other roles.  In addition she had separated from her husband, so after 8 series the sow came to an end.


Bewitched follows the life of a white witch Samantha Stephens, who marries an ordinary mortal man (Darrin Stephens) and vows to lead the life of a typical suburban housewife.

The comedy comes from the love hate relationship between Darrin and his Mother-In-Law: Endora, who is less than impressed that her daughter has married a mere mortal, and the problems caused on the occasions that Samantha uses her magic, which she does with a click of the fingers or twitch of the nose.







Samantha Stephens – Elizabeth Montgomery
Darrin Stephens – Dick York (series 1- 5), Dick Sargeant (series 6-8)
Endora – Agnes Moorhead
Larry Tate – David White


Channel: ABC (USA), BBC1 and Channel 4 (UK)
Created By: Sol Saks
Written By: Various
Original US Transmission Dates: September 17th, 1964 –March 25th, 1972
UK Premiere: 21st June 1965


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