Bloodbath At The House Of Death, 1984

Kenny Everett hits the big screen in Bloodbath at the House of Death, a 1984 British comedy horror film.

Loosely inspired by such films as The Amityville Horror, it starred the late, great Kenny Everett and was co-written by Barry Cryer, who also pops up as a Police Inspector.  It also features veteran horror movie star Vincent Price.


The year is 1975, the setting; a place called Headstone Manor, which is being used as a “businessman’s weekend retreat and girls’ summer camp”.  An horrific event takes place when, a group of satanic monks enter the house killing all 18 of it’s occupants.

Move forward 8 years later in 1983, Doctor Lukas Mandeville and Doctor Barbara Coyle are sent to investigate radioactive readings in the area that have been traced to Headstone Manor, now known by locals as the House of Death.

Joined by several other scientists, Mandeville and Coyle set up their equipment in the house.  Meanwhile in the woods nearby the Sinister Man, a 700-year-old Satanic Priest, prepares a rite in the nearby woods to purge the house of its unwanted guests….








Kenny Everett – Dr Lukas Mandeville
Pamela Stephenson – Dr Barbara Coyle
Vincent Price – Sinister Man
Gareth Hunt – Eliot Broome


Distributed By: Columbia-EMI-Warner Distributors
Written By: Ray Cameron and Barry Cryer
Directed By: Ray Cameron
Original Release Date: March 1984


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