The Frost Report, 1966

There can be no doubt about the importance of The Frost Report in British Comedy history.

Famed for bringing messrs Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker together, the writing team which includes early work from Barry Cryer reads like a who’s who of comedy writing as all would go on to write some of our most famed comedy shows.

The Frost Report was the successor to That Was The Week That Was, and ran for 29 episodes over two series.


Each week the program concentrated on a single topic – “law”, “food and drink”, “medicine”, “class” etc.

The Frost Report succeeded in bringing together much of the talent that would become the very biggest names in comedy for the next three decades.

It was The Frost Report that brought together messrs Corbett and Barker and it was during rehearsals that production staff and fellow cast members would start referring to them as “The Two Ronnies”.  Who could have known at the time what that would lead to ?










David Frost
Ronnie Corbett
John Cleese
Ronnie Barker
Sheila Steafel
Nicky Henson


Channel: BBC1
Written By: A team of writers all contributed material during the show’s run
John Cleese
Graham Chapman 
Michael Palin
Eric Idle
Terry Jones
Marty Feldman
Barry Cryer
Bill Oddie
Tim Brooke Taylor
Spike Mullins
Anthony Jay
Frank Muir
Dennis Norden
Dick Vosburgh
Ronnie Corbett
Ronnie Barker

Produced By: David Frost
Original Transmission Dates: 10th March 1966 – 29th June 1967

Archive: Around half of the episodes produced (14 episodes out of 29) still exist. It is reported that most of series two is among those still missing.


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