Bo’ Selecta! 2002

Bo’ Selecta! was a British ‘adult’ television sketch show that lampooned popular culture and became known for its often surreal, abstract toilet humour.

Written and performed by comedian Leigh Francis (better known these days as Keith Lemon).  The series ran for forty five episodes over five series.

The first three series were broadcast as Bo’ Selecta! running from 2002 to 2004 with four Christmas specials.

Returning for a fourth series in 2005 the show was given a new title “A Bear’s Tale” the six episodes all revolved around a character from the first three series: “the Bear”

The fifth and final series follows on from the 2005 Christmas special.  This time the the show is entitled Bo! in the USA and all six episodes revolve around the Avid Merrion character.

Bo’ Selecta! bowed out three years later in 2009 with two episodes, one a Michael Jackson tribute and a final Christmas special.


Leigh Francis played the central character Avid Merrion, a dangerously insane stalker, who is obsessed with celebrities and tracks them down. The show consisted of sketches featuring caricatures of British and American celebrities, portrayed by Francis wearing latex face masks.

Much of the show’s humour was derived from the deliberate ineptitude of each impersonation.








Starring: Leigh Francis


Channel: Channel 4
Created By: Leigh Francis
Developed By:  Leigh Francis and Ben Palmer
Written By: Leigh Francis
Original Transmission Dates: 6th September 2002 – 18th December 2009

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