Brighton Belles, 1993

Brighton Belles was a short lived ITV sitcom that was based on the hit American show “The Golden Girls”

After a pilot episode broadcast in March, 1993 a series of six episodes followed later the same year.  The show was badly received among both critics and audiences alike.  A second series followed in 1994 but was pulled by he network after just four episodes.

Unfortunately the show had failed to replicate the success of it’s American counterpart.  Some have put the show’s demise down to the fact that realistically it was just a carbon copy of the original just set in Britain.  Therefore audiences were already familiar with The Golden Girls and felt no reason to tune into a UK adaptation delivering the same lines.


Upon her husband’s demise, attractive Bridget suddenly finds she can’t meet the financial demands of her Sussex country house in Brighton without his income.

She comes up with a solution: take in lodgers.




Just how alike were the two shows?




Sheila Hancock – Frances
Wendy Craig – Annie
Sheila Gish – Bridget
Jean Boht – Josephine


Channel: ITV
Written By: we were unable to find definitive writers.
Original Transmitted: 9th March 1993 (pilot), 7th March 1993 – 28th December 1994 (series)


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