Bob Monkhouse, Live

Bob Monkhouse, Exposes Himself, 1994, Live And Forbidden, 1995

Bob Monkhouse is always remembered more as a writer and gameshow host than as a stand up comedian.

There is a reason for this Bob’s unique ability as the master of stand up was showcased in his live shows which were generally not recorded due to the adult nature of his material.  Possibly the exception was An Audience With broadcast on ITV and released to video.

However, in 1994 we were given a rare insight into a Bob Monkhouse live show as he released his first live video “Exposes Himself” in 1994, he followed up a year later with “Live and Forbidden”.  Recorded in 1994  and 1995 these was two videos were the first commercial releases his live, more adult material.


Bob Monkhouse is captured here live in 1994 and 1995. Featuring his one man show, this is purely adult humour as he lets loose in the unrestrictive live spectacle.

This is not the Bob Monkhouse gameshow host.












Bob Monkhouse


Written By: Bob Monkhouse
Additional Material: Colin Edmunds
Directed By: Marcus Mortimer
Recorded: 1994 and 1995

Where To Watch

Both currently streaming on You Tube

Watch Exposes Himself Here

Watch Live And Forbidden Here