Britain’s Unsung Comedy Heroes – Private Frazer, Dad’s Army

I suppose realistically everyone of the Dad’s Army cast was a true comedy gem.  However I always feel that perhaps some don’t get the recognition they deserve and there can be no doubt Private Frazer is a true comedy hero.

Private Frazer was the original chief complainer, never afraid to speak his mind.  The original dire Scotsman he was played so well by John Laurie.

Frazer was an undertaker in civilian life, with a dark, pessimistic character.  He was careful with his money and nosey.

His dower demeaner lead him to put a dark twist in the stories he told.





He’s not short on ambition and makes no secret of his desire for rank and power within the platoon never slow to criticise his fellow platoon members and superior officers.  As we found out in the classic episode “If the cap fits”


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