There’s Nothing to Worry About !  1982

There’s Nothing to Worry About !  A three part series shown only in the ITV Granada region. This three part series in fact turned out to be a pilot series for the show that would follow – Alfresco.

The original team had consisted of Tony Slattery, Ben Elton, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Siobhan Redmond and Emma Thompson.

However before filming began Tony Slattery accepted an offer from Chris Tarrant to join his Saturday Slapstick show.

A compilation of sketches from this show were later shown as an episode of Alfresco.


Comedy sketch show.







Ben Elton
Stephen Fry
Hugh Laurie
Siobhan Redmond
Emma Thompson


Channel: ITV (Granada Region Only)
Written By: Ben Elton
Original Transmission Dates: 10th June 1982 – 24th June 1982



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