On The Buses – Christmas Duty – 1970

In Tribute To Anna Karen, 1936 -2022

As we approach New Year we will pay tribute to some of the great names from comedy we’ve lost this year.

On The Buses had two Christmas Specials during it’s run.  This episode entitled “Christmas Duty” was originally screened as part of series four in December 1970.

This episode is over fifty years old and today the series enjoys regular repeats on ITV3.  The writers and much of the cast are no longer with us Anna Karen being the most recent in February of this year.


It’s Christmas time and once again Jack and Stan are in the Inspector’s bad books.  This time they’ve used the bus to collect Christmas presents.

When a husband and wife crew report sick, Inspector Blake takes advantage of the situation and has the two men working on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile back at home Mum has cooked a turkey.  In order to save Stan walking home Arthur agrees to collect him on his motorbike and sidecar. Unfortunately Arthur has had one too many to be able to drive, so Olive agrees to drive, with Arthur and Mum to supervise.  Unfortunately she crashes the bike and when they all get home the fire brigade have been called and the turkey is burnt to a cinder.







Reg Varney
Bob Grant
Doris Hare
Anna Karen
Stephen Lewis
Michael Robbins


Channel: ITV
Written By: Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney
Original Transmission Date: 25th December 1970


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