The Brian Wilde Years – Part One, 1976 – 1985

Perhaps the most popular time in the long running sitcom’s time was the first tenure of Brian Wilde.

After the departure of Michael Bates there was a vacancy for the third man.  Enter Brian Wilde as Foggy Dewhirst, an ex – army Corporal (signwriter).

With the arrival of Wilde writer Roy Clarke expanded the characters a bit further with the introduction of Wesley the mechanic and even taking the show a little further a field with a weekend break to Scarborough.

In 1985 Brian Wilde decided to call it a day.  He would however return in series 12 in 1990.


The trio of Brian Wilde, Peter Sallis and Bill Owen during Wide’s first stint in the part is regarded by many as the show’s finest hour. Continuing in much the same vane as series one and two the trio continue to wander aimlessly through the town and surrounding countryside getting into all sorts of scrapes along the way.  Whilst it’s usually Foggy’s bright ideas it always seems to be Compo who’s on the receiving end when things go wrong.







Foggy Dewhirst – Brian Wilde
Norman Clegg – Peter Sallis
Compo – Bill Owen
Nora Batty – Kathy Staff
Wally Batty – Joe Gladwin
Ivy – Jane Freeman
Sid – John Comer
Wesley – Gordon Wharmsby


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Original Transmission Dates: 27th October 1976 – 14th April 1985


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