Celebrity Squares – 1975

It was prime time Saturday night viewing at it’s peak as one of Britain’s best loved comics (Bob Monkhouse) proved he was still king of the game show.

Celebrity Squares was in fact a British version of an American game show that had started in the 1960’s, called Hollywood Squares.  The UK version ran from 1975 until 1979 (four series).  After a 12 year absence the show returned in 1991, running for a further six series.  However despite still being hosted by Bob Monkhouse it was not as popular second time around.

Over it’s original two runs there were thirty two episodes made.  early ATV episodes were 45 minutes, 1993’s Central episodes were 30 minutes long.

In 2014 the show returned, this time presented by actor Warwick Davis (Return Of The Jedi, Life’s Too Short).  Screened on ITV, the revived show ran for two series and a Christmas Special between 2014 and 2015.


Nine celebrities were arranged in a grid and would answer questions in order to win prizes for one of two contestants.

Answers initially would be of a humorous nature by way of an amusing story or a joke, before the proper answer was given.

Contestants would have to judge  the veracity of their answers in order to win the game.







Bob Monkhouse – 1975 – 1979 and 1993 – 1997
Kenny Everett – Voiceover, 1975 – 1979
Nick Jackson – Voiceover, 1993 – 1997

Warwick Davis – 2014 – present

Other Stars who played the game over the years included:

William Rushton – 1975 – 1979
Ray Alan – 1977 – 1995
Arthur Mullard – 1976 – 1977
Tim Vine 2014 – 2015
Joe Wilkinson 2014 – 2015

and a whole list of well known names, too many to list.


Channel: ITV
Produced For ITV By:

Associated Television (ATV), 1975 – 1979
Central Independent Television
Reg Grundy Productions Pty. Ltd, 1993 – 1997
September Films and GroupM Entertainment, September 2014 –

Original Transmission Dates:
ATV series, 20th July 1975 –  7th July 1979
Central series, 8th January 1993 – 3rd January 1997
Revived series, 10th September 2014 – 7th June 2015



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