Are You Being Served ? Christmas 1976

Are You Being Served -The Father Christmas Affair – 1976 Christmas Special

Another gem from the golden era of comedy courtesy of the staff at Grace Brothers in a festive edition from 1976.  First broadcast as part of the BBC’s 1976 Christmas schedules after series 4 had finished earlier in the year.  Series 5 was just around the corner in February of 1977


Grace Brothers decides to have electric Father Christmas models, but this is soon cancelled when they go wrong in a way that could only happen on Are You Being Served.

Young Mr. Grace then decides to offer £50 to a member of the department, including Mr. Rumbold, to dress up as Father Christmas and give gifts to the children. Young Mr. Grace gets a young boy to decide which one of the staff will be Father Christmas and therefore get the £50.

Meanwhile, Mr. Grainger is worried about his annual performance to entertain the residents of an old people’s home.




John Inman
Frank Thornton
Trevor Bannister
Arthur Brough
Nicholas Smith
Harold Bennett
Arthur English
Mollie Sugden
Wendy Richard


Written By: David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd
Produced By: Ray Butt
Channel: BBC1
Original Transmission Date: 24th December 1976

Where To Watch

Are You Being Served? streams on Brit Box UK/ ITVX