Last Of The Summer Wine – There Goes The Groom

Last Of The Summer Wine – There Goes The Groom, 1997

A Christmas Feature Length Special

In 1997 Brian Wilde was struck down by shingles, meaning he was not available for the start of filming season 19 and the 1997 Christmas Special.

Once again there was a vacancy for the third man.  Frank Thornton who had found fame in Are You Being Served ? joined the cast as Truly Of The Yard, for the Christmas Special “There Goes The Groom” becoming the new third man of the trio.


Enter Frank Thornton as Herbert Truelove (Truly Of The Yard)

Barry is best man at a friend’s wedding, but the groom doesn’t want to get married. Truly, Compo & Clegg try to convince him of the advantages of a good married life.  After a few drinks Truly, Clegg and Compo realize that Barry, Foggy and the groom have had one too many and enlist the help of Wesley to get them home.

When morning arrives, everybody leaves Clegg’s House worse for ware.  Whilst the trio are escorting Barry and the Groom home, the Groom runs off in a milk float.  With the use of Wesley’s Land Rover the trio give chase, leaving the Post Lady to deliver Foggy safely home.  Whilst the trio chase the Groom, finally delivering him to his wedding, the Post Lady kidnaps Foggy.

Foggy eventually manages to make contact with his friends advising them that Barry has entrusted the wedding ring to him and he is in Blackpool at the mercy of the Post Lady, who mistakes Foggy’s taking care of the ring as proposal of marriage.  Compo and Clegg overhear this on Clegg’s mobile phone much to their amusement.

This marked the exit for Foggy, leaving a new trio of Truly, Clegg and Compo.


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Frank Thornton
Peter Sallis
Bill Owen


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Original Transmission Date: 28th December 1997