Rising Damp – Things That Go Bump In The Night

Was This Rigsby’s Finest Hour?

Rising Damp remains a firm favourite among sitcom fans.  For four series we laughed ourselves silly at the antics of the miserly landlord; Rigsby and his put upon tenants.

However for me there was one episode that stood out and still has me laughing all the way through and that was “Things That Go Bump In The Night”

Coming from the second series where Frances De La Tour temporarily left the series due to theatre commitments.  For 3 episodes we meet new tenant Brenda who feature in this particular episode.

For the most part the comedy in the series came from the interplay between Rigsby and his tenants.  However in this episode Leonard Rossiter’s physical actions as he encounters the grey lady steal the show.


Alan and Brenda return to the house from the cinema, after watching Doctor Zhivago.

Rigsby tries to scare Alan with a ghost story about ‘the Grey Lady’.  In order to sneak downstairs and visit Brenda Philip suggests Alan wear a dress to pose as the Grey Lady in order to scare Rigsby and oh boy does it work.

Rigsby believes the Grey Lady to be true and brings a vicar and curate to the house to do some exocising. When Rigsby finds the dress that Alan wore, he wears it to pretend to be the Grey Lady, and is seen by the vicar and curate, who angrily walk out.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

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