Alf’s Forgotten Trip To The Seaside

Till Death….1981

Till death Us Do Part had been a huge success for the BBC, having started life as part of it’s Comedy Playhouse series.  As it began to fall out of favour with viewers it was dropped in 1975.

Jump forward six years and the series is picked up by ITV company ATV who bring it back, this time under the title Till Death… as the title Till Death Us Do Part was controlled by the BBC.

Alf was still Alf and the series was written by it’s creator Johnnie Speight.  However there were huge differences between this ITV version and the original BBC show.

The show failed to live up to expectations and fell out of favour with the viewers.  So in 1982 when ATV was succeeded by Central the show was dropped, having ran for just one series of six episodes.


Alf and Else are back.  They’ve left the smoke filled air of London behind and moved to the seaside, Eastbourne to be precise.  With them has come the recently widowed former neighbour, Min.  They’ve left their houses behind and are now living together in a bungalow.

Alf and Else’s daughter Rita still comes to visit occasionally, bringing son Michael, who now aged 16 is a punk rocker, much to Alf’s dismay.








Alf Garnett – Warren Mitchell
Else Garnett – Dandy Nichols
Min Reed – Patricia Hayes
Rita Rawlins – Una Stubbs
John Fowler – Michael Rawlins Jr


Channel: ITV
Written By: Johnny Speight
Produced and Directed By: William G. Stewart
Production Company: ATV
Original Transmission Details: 22nd May 1981  – 3rd July 1981


A DVD release of the series is available from Network On Air


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