Only Fools And Horses, Danger UXD, 1989

When you talk Only Fools And Horses classic episodes most will say “The one where the chandelier smashes on the floor” or “the one where Del falls through the bar”.  Classic comedy.

In the first of a series of posts we are going to look at episodes of classic sitcoms that perhaps don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Danger UXD (unexploded doll) was the second episode from series six,   Transmitted in January 1989 it pulled in a massive 16.1 million viewers.


At The Nag’s Head Denzil  is talking about picking up a faulty stock of 50 dolls from a shop in High Wycombe and having to take them back to the factory, intending to take them in Monday.

However, there has been a fire at the factory so Denzil cannot take them in, and has to hand in a form to show he returned the dolls.  Spotting an opportunity, Del forges a signature from the factory and buys the dolls off Denzil.

In true Trotter form it’s not long before Del realises the dolls are filled with propane gas and are highly inflammable.







David Jason
Nicholas Lyndhurst
Buster Merryfield


Channel: BBC1
Written By: John Sullivan
Original transmission Date: 15th January 1989

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