In Sickness And In Health 1986 – 1987 (Series 2)

Published today in tribute to Chas Hodges who sadly passed way on Saturday.  Chas and Dave wrote the theme tune.

The Story so far… Alf and Else return for a new series In Sickness And In Health, they’ve moved to a Ground Floor Flat and Else is now very frail(reflecting Dandy Nichols’ own ill health).  They have a Black homehelp – who Alf nicknames Marrigold.  The series is a success and a Christmas Special is commissioned, however just as plans to make another series are being prepared, tragedy strikes when on 6 February 1986, aged 78, Dandy Nichols died.  We’ve decided to split the post for the series into four parts and as you read all four it will become clear why.

For part 2 we deal with Alf comming to terms with the loss of Else, concentrating on series 2, with some priceless moments.


In the  first episode of series two, Else has died of natural causes.  Left alone after all the other mourners have gone home, Alf, the belligerent old curmudgeon who always treated his wife appallingly, gently touches the handle of her (now empty) wheelchair and sobs “Silly old moo!”.

Gossipy, Catholic pensioner who lives in the flat upstairs, Mrs Hollingbery becomes a more permanent member of the cast (although her character did appear briefly in series 1).  Alf and Mrs Hollingbery don’t get on at first, but later become close.  The roles of the Johnsons increased, and several recurring characters were added including Mr Rabinsky (a tightfisted Jew), Mr Kittel (Renu Setna) a Muslim shopkeeper, Winston’s cousin, and the milkman.







Warren Mitchell
Carmel McSharry
Eamonn Walker
Arthur English
Una Stubbs


Written By: Johnny Speight
Channel: BBC1
Series Two Original Transmission Dates: 4 September 1986 – 9 October 1986


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