Lucky Feller, 1976

David Jason’s second  sitcom and another of those “I’d forgotten about that one'” moments.

A pilot episode was filmed in 1975, but never transmitted.  It was 1976 when Lucky Feller made it to our TV screens.

Despite audience reaction and press reviews being good the show ran for just one series of thirteen episodes.  ITV were prepared to screen a second series.  However, writer Terence Frisby didn’t feel he had enough ideas for the series to continue and therefore the show came to an end after the final episode.

There are stories that claim London Weekend Television tried to give it another run during the 1990’s (remember we told you it was the decade of comebacks).  However nothing came of it as David Jason would not agree on the grounds he felt at the time he was being over-exposed.

The series has since been repeated on GOLD as recently as 2019.  The entire series including the un-transmitted pilot episode is available on DVD 


Shorty and Randy Mepstead are two brothers whom live together with their Mum.  They also run a run a small plumbing and repair business.  However the similarities end there.  Whilst Shorty is a nerdy, girl-shy sort of guy, brother Randy is a consummate chat-up artist with no shortage of female admirers – and they include Shorty’s girlfriend, Kath…








David Jason – Shorty Mepstead (14 episodes, 1975-1976)
Cheryl Hall – Kathleen Peake (14 episodes, 1975-1976)
Peter Armitage – Randolph Mepstead (11 episodes, 1976)
Pat Heywood – Mrs. Mepstead (11 episodes, 1976)


Channel: ITV
Written By: Terence Frisby
Produced By: Humphrey Barclay
Production Company: London Weekend Television
Original Transmission Dates: 3rd September – 26th November 1976

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