An early David Jason sitcom, another of those “I’d forgotten about that one'” moments.  Lucky Feller was seen by many as a dry run for Fools and Horses, although it was written by a completely different writer and had David Jason as Rodney type character.

Produced for ITV by London Weekend Television, it ran for just one series of thirteen episodes in 1976, some four years before Fools and Horses.  ITV were prepared to screen a second series, however writer Terence Frisby didn’t feel he had enough ideas for the series to continue and therefore the show was axed after the final episode.  Similarly, there is a story that claims that London Weekend Television tried to give it another run during the 1990’s (remember we told you it was the decade of comebacks).  However nothing came of it as David Jason would not agree on the grounds he felt at the time he was being over-exposed.


The story centres around the tangled romantic lives of two brothers: Shorty Mepstead (Jason) and ladies’ man Randolph, who live at home with their mum in south-east London.



David Jason – Shorty Mepstead (14 episodes, 1975-1976)
Cheryl Hall – Kathleen Peake (14 episodes, 1975-1976)
Peter Armitage – Randolph Mepstead (12 episodes, 1976)
Pat Heywood – Mrs. Mepstead (12 episodes, 1976)


Channel: ITV
Written By: Terence Frisby
Produced By: Humphrey Barclay
Production Company: London Weekend Television
Original Transmission Dates: 3rd September – 26th November 1976

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