Don’t Wait Up, 1983

Don’t Wait Up was the BBC sitcom that aired for six series from 1983 to 1990, totalling 39 episodes. It starred Nigel Havers, Tony Britton and Dinah Sheridan, and was written by George Layton (of Doctor In… fame).

It was directed and produced by Harold Snoad, who would go on to produce and direct another well known sitcom: Keeping Up Appearances.


As the series begins, Dr. Tom Latimer splits from his wife Helen. At the same time, his father Toby, also a doctor, announces he intends to divorce his wife Angela after 32 years of marriage.

It’s not long before Father and son move in together, where they find themselves frequently arguing over anything from politics to medical practices.

Tom tries to get his parents back together, whilst beginning a romance with Toby’s secretary Madeleine Forbes, who he later marries.







Tony Britton
Nigel Havers
Dinah Sheridan
Susan Skipper
Jane How


Channel: BBC1
Written By: George Layton
Produced and Directed By: Harold Snoad
Original Transmission Dates: 25th October 1983 – 25th March 1990

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