Robin’s Nest, 1977

The second successful spin off from the hugely popular Man About The House (the other being George and Mildred).

Produced by Thames Television for ITV, the show featured Robin Tripp from Man About The House and ran for six series totalling forty eight episodes.

The show featured terrific set of supporting characters that included Albert the one armed waiter, who broke more pots than he ever managed to wash.

Showing how times have changed, back in the day, writers Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer had to get special permission from the Independent Broadcasting Authority (the then governing body of Independent TV in Britain) to be able to portray an unmarried couple living together; special concern arose at scenes in which Robin and Vicky were seen in an obvious state of undress in bed.

In 1978, Robin and Vicky were married and later had a set of twins.


Chef Robin Tripp and his Air Stewardess girlfriend (later wife) Vicky Nicholls, share a flat over a Chinese take-away.

They discover that their landlords, have been unable to pay the rent and have therefore disappeared, leaving the building in danger of re-possession.

Fearing they could be homeless Vicky has an idea: Robin should take over the take-away and convert it into a bistro (The “Robin’s Nest” of the title).

As Robin cannot afford to go it alone he has to approach Vicky’s disapproving father, James Nicholls, to ask him to be his business partner.  Despite his low opinion of Robin he knows a sensible business deal when it was offered to him and agrees.

Lots of tension and misunderstandings arise from their mis-matched relationship.  With a few broken pots along the way courtesy of Albert the scene is set for laughs a plenty as Robin’s Nest opens for business.







Richard O’Sullivan – Robin Tripp
Tessa Wyatt – Vicky Nicholls
Tony Britton – James Nicholls
David Kelly – Albert
Peggy Aitchison – Gertrude


Channel: ITV
Written By: Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer
Produced By: Peter Frazer-Jones
Original Transmission Dates: 11th January 1977 – 31st March 1981


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