Steptoe And Son, Homes Fit For Heroes, 1964

Proving that elderly care was a problem even back then is this gem that kicked off series 3 of the hugely popular BBC sitcom: Steptoe and Son.

There are some classic moments in this episode not least when as Albert is protesting he warns Matron to lock up the old ladies.


Harold has plans to take up an opportunity to go sailing around the world, there’s only one problem, what to do with Albert.  Only one thing for it Albert will have to go to an old people’s home.

He takes Albert for a ride out on the horse and cart and introduces Albert to the idea.  Albert makes his feelings very clear to the Matron in an hilarious protest.

Having sorted the Albert problem Harold returns home to pack only to find his fellow crew mates have returned his deposit not accepting him as a crew member on the grounds of age.







Wilfrid Brambell – Albert
Harry H. Corbett – Harold


Channel: BBC
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Produced By: Duncan Wood
Originally Transmitted: 7th January 1964


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