Emery Presents, 1982

In 1979, Dick Emery had jumped ship to ITV, a year later in 1980 he returned to the BBC with his popular Dick Emery Show.  By 1982 Emery was growing tired of the existing format of his BBC show and wanted to find new avenues to explore.

Using a new format and character, Jewish private detective Bernie Weinstock, Emery had found a new avenue, producing two series of comedy thrillers under the banner: Emery Presents.

Airing on the BBC between 1982 and 1983.  The first series of Emery Presents was entitled “Legacy of Murder”, whilst the second was entitled “Jack Of Diamonds”, this second series was broadcast six months after the star’s death.


Legacy Of Murder (six episodes, 1982)

A struggling London private detective and his assistant are hired by a lawyer to locate six people concerned with the inheritance of an eccentric aristocrat.  just like the Dick Emery Show, Emery plays a sveral different characters.

Jack Of Diamonds (six episodes 1983)

With the aid of his partner, Norman Lugg (Tony Selby), Weinstock sets out to track down a hoard of diamonds hidden by a British soldier during the Second World War.




A clip from Jack Of Diamonds is among this BBC preview




Legacy Of Murder

Dick Emery as Bernie Weinstock/Various characters
Barry Evans a Robin Bright
Richard Vernon as Roland Tolhurst
Delia Paton as Miss Stevens
Robert Mill as Desmond Danvers-Crichton
Martin Wimbush as Clive Danvers-Crichton
Thomas Baptiste as O’Toole
Lee Whitlock as Wayne
Patsy Rowlands as Thelma
Colin Fay as Sid
Jim Dowdall as Suleiman
Barbara Murray as Sarah
Eddie Tagoe as Baron Climeterre
Glyn Edwards as Henchman
John Horsley as Retired Headmaster
Susie Silvey as The Stripper

Jack Of Diamonds

Dick Emery as Bernie Weinstock / various
Tony Selby as Norman Lugg
Christopher Bramwell as Oliver Ottershaw
Glynn Edwards as Reg
Helen Gill as Helen Carter
John Cater as Foxwell
Bill Stewart as Micky Jordan
Patrick Waldron as Det. Sgt. Frisby
James Villiers as George Billyard
Mike Lewin as a Thug
Rosie Collins as Sharon Finch


Channel: BBC1
Written By: John Singer and Steven Singer
Produced By:
Harold Snoad (Legacy Of Murder)
Stuart Allen (Jack Of Diamonds)
Original Transmission Dates:
16 February 1982 – 23 March 1982 (Legacy Of Murder)
3rd June 1983 – 15th July 1983 (Jack Of Diamonds)

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