Further Up Pompeii, 1991

In Tribute To The Late Frankie Howerd Who Died 30 Years Ago Today!

Further Up Pompeii had originally been a one off special screened on the BBC.  However in 1991 the title would be used again.

After a brief hiatus during the 1980’s, Frankie Howerd was enjoying a resurgence during the 1990’s.

The previous year he had been in the West End with a one-man show and his acclaimed address to the Oxford Union that was televised by LWT.  What better way to consolidate his renewed success than with a revival of his most famous character – Lurcio.

Further Up Pompeii was a return to the the double entendres and risque gags of it’s predecessor, however as Frankie Howerd himself put it “It is not now B.C. — it is not now B.B.C!”, referring to the move to London Weekend Television.


It is now “xx” years since we last saw Lurcio, it’s now AD (“Actors Desperate”) and our hero is now a free man with his own slaves, but don’t fear all the old attractions are still here including “The Prologue” and he has a new job running the Bacchus wine bar, that brings with it it’s own troubles.







Frankie Howerd – Lurcio
Joanna Dickens – Colossa
Elizabeth Anson – Petunia
Peter Geeves – Ambiguus
John Bardon – Villainus Brutus
Ben Aris – Flatus
Russell Gold – Noxius
Roy Evans – Typhus
Barry James – Claudius
Gary Rice – Umbilicus
Tim Killick – Gluteus Maximus


Channel: ITV
Written By:
Sid Colin (creator)
Brian Leveson
Paul Minett
Talbot Rothwell  (creator)
Produced By:
Robin Carr (Executive Producer)
Paul Lewis (Producer)
Original Transmission Date: 14th December 1991

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