The Kumars, 2014

The Kumars are back!  Seven years after the fictional British-Asian family stopped welcoming bemused but clearly charmed celebrities into their suburban home in The Kumars At No.42.  Would be chat-show host Sanjeev Kumar has managed to  persuade a new crop of film and television stars to the sofa.

For the new series, which pretty much follows the same format as the original, there are some subtle changes.  The show is now simply entitled “The Kumars” and has moved from BBC to Sky.

Like many families the Kumars have been hit hard by the recession and have had to move from Wembley to Hounslow, where they are now living in a flat behind Ashwin’s (Vincent Ebrahim) hardware shop.  Sanjeev is now a divorcee, sharing custody of his daughter.   Meanwhile Sanjeev’s Mother has returned to India to care for ailing relatives, but Ummi is still around, giving big hugs to anyone within reach.  New to the set-up is the family’s interfering landlady, Hawney (Harvey Virdi), an aspiring actress and hand model.

To date there has only been one series of six episodes of the new series.


Following the economic downturn, the Kumar family are forced to share a flat in Hounslow in West London. However The Kumars are still interviewing a host of celebrity guests in their own unique way.









Sanjeev Bhaskar – Sanjeev
Meera Syal – Ummi
Vincent Ebrahim – Ashwin
Harvey Virdi – Hawney


Channel: Sky One
Written By: Various
Original Transmission Dates: 15th January – 19th February 2014

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