Steptoe And Son, Tea For Two, 1970

As it’s election time and politicians are visiting their “people” we thought it would be amusing to look back at what happened when Albert Steptoe was visited by a certain politician.

Of course this is Steptoe and Son, so clearly someone is not going to be happy.

This episode was from series 6 and originally broadcast in colour.  Regretably the episode was lost.  Some years later it was retrieved with others from the writers’ private collection, however the copy was black and white.


Albert and Harold are both secretary for the local branch of their respective political parties.  However battle lines are drawn when Albert receives a request for a visit from Mr Heath.

Whilst Albert is delighted, unfortunately the same cannot be said about Harold.  As secretary of the local branch of the Labour party he cannot possibly support such a visit.

As Albert prepares to welcome his party leader Harold prepares for battle.





Albert Steptoe – Wilfrid Brambell
Harold Steptoe – Harry H. Corbett


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Original Transmission Date: 8th November 1970

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