Miranda, 2009

Miranda is the popular BBC TV comedy series that span off from the popular BBC Radio 2 comedy: Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop that aired in 2008.

The Radio series was developed after filming a TV pilot the same year.

Miranda finally hit TV screens in 2009, returning for a second series in 2010.  It was two years later before we got to see series three, this time the sitcom was shown on BBC1.

As series three had ended with a cliffhanger it was believed that Miranda would return for a fourth series.  Unfortunately in July 2014 Hart made the announcement that there were no plans for a fourth series but ‘a couple of specials’ would be made.  In true modern day sitcom tradition another announcement came that the Miranda would come to an end with two Christmas Specials.  Screened in 2014 and 2015 they did indeed bring the show to an end after twenty episodes.



The comedy revolves around socially inept Miranda, who at 6ft 1″ frequently finds herself in awkward situations.







Miranda Hart – Miranda
Sarah Hadland – Stevie
Tom Ellis – Gary
Penny – Patricia Hodge
Sally Phillips – Tilly


BBC2 (series 1&2)
BBC1 (series 3 and specials)
Created By: Miranda Hart
Written By:
Miranda Hart
James Cary
Richard Hurst
Paul Kerensa
Original Transmission Dates: 9th November 2009 – 1st January 2015

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  1. Kate Reeve-Edwards

    I have posted this comment to ask to use the picture above as part of a school project on miranda hart.

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      The images don’t belong to us but as long you’re not using the images for commercial reasons you should be fine.


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