Hancock, The Final BBC Series, 1961

Can you believe that 60 years have now passed since Tony Hancock made his final series for the BBC.

“And so exits the last of the Hancock’s ,Good Night!” Hancock’s final words from the BBC.

Having had success during the 1950’s with both his TV and Radio series, 1960 would be the last series to follow the successful formula he’d used since 1954.

In 1961 Tony Hancock returned to BBC TV for his seventh and final series at the BBC.  Shorter in more ways than one this series ran for just 6 episodes.  The series would be a break away from the successful formula, Sid James was no longer his sparring partner or in the cast, gone was the fromby hat and the astracan fur collared coat, it was all change.

The new series saw Hancock in a mac and trilby hat, episodes now ran to 25 minutes in length, he’d moved from a house in Railway Cuttings to a bedsit in Earls Court and now episodes were shorter so was the title now simply “Hancock”

Surprisingly that despite the changes to such a successful formula this series became his most popular with classic episodes such as The Radio Ham, The Blood Donor and The Lift.


Tony finds himself in a series of situations as the boredom of a Sunday afternoon in his bedsit, takes up a new hobby as a CB radio enthusiast, gets stuck in a lift, joins the cast of a radio soap opera, becomes a Blood Donor and finally decides it’s time to find a wife to continue the Hancock line.







Tony Hancock


Channel: BBC
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Original Transmission Dates: 26th May – 30th June 1961

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