Hancock’s Half Hour, The 13th Of The Series, 1957

Hancock’s Half Hour, The 13th Of The Series strangely enough was the thirteenth episode of the fourth series of the popular radio comedy series.

In this episode we see Hancock being superstitious and finding himself at odds with his employer.


When Hancock decides he can’t do the 13th radio show in the series, on the grounds of  superstition he joins the Druids and finds himself at odds with the BBC, who threaten Hancock with a breach of contract action.

Sub Druid Hancock is forced to call for assistance from the Head Druid who just happens to be Sid.

Sid arranges for an expensive ticket entry ceremony at Stone Henge leaving Hancock to come face to face with the Stone Henge Police and guess who that could be.



Tony Hancock
Sid James
Bill Kerr
Hattie Jacques
Kenneth Williams


Channel: BBC Radio
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Original Transmission Date: 6th January 1957