The Doombolt Chase, 1978

A perhaps forgotten Sunday tea-time drama, The Doombolt Chase was a naval themed kids TV serial.  Aimed at a teenage audience, as many of these Sunday tea-time dramas were, The Doombolt Chase ran for just 6 episodes in 1978.


During a night-time patrol in the Bristol Channel Naval Commander David Wheeler receives a message encrypted in Spens Code, a code unknown to the Navy operators.

Soon afterwards, Wheeler orders the ship to go about and deliberately rams a small fishing vessel, sinking it completely.

Wheeler is immediately arrested and court martialled but offers no explanations for his actions.  His son Richard along with friends Lucy and Peter, embark on a search for the top-secret information that might clear his name.

Along the way the three friends become entangled in an intrigue of codes, espionage and a fearsome new weapon under the sea.



Commander David Wheeler – Donald Burton
Richard Wheeler – Andrew Ashby
Peter – Richard Willis
Lucy – Shelley Crowhurst


Channel: ITV
Written By: Don Houghton
Produced By: HTV for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 12th March – 16th April 1978

Where To Watch

The series was released to DVD on Network On Air who sadly no longer trade.  All six episodes are currently streaming on You Tube