Headcases – 2008

It’s such a shame this series was so short lived.  Of all the shows that tried to recreate the Spitting Image magic this was a personal favourite.

Following on from Spitting Image and 2DTV, came this short lived satirical show.  Sadly it lasted only one series of eight shows in 2008.

Spitting Image had used latex puppets, 2DTV used 2D animation, Headcases used 3D animation.  This was created by, UK Visual Effects and animation house: Red Vision, who used a series of unique production techniques and a sophisticated animation pipeline in order to deliver the weekly topical elements of the series.

The show takes it’s name from the fact that all the subjects’ caricatured faces are out of scale with the rest of their bodies.


Much like Spitting Image the show revolved around weekly topical events, lampooning: politicians, celebrities and even the Royal family, all taking a role in sketches based around their own topical issues.











The Voices Of

Rory Bremmar
Jon Culshaw
Lewis Macleod
Kayvan Novak
Daniel Maier
Lucy Porter
Jess Robimson
Katy Wix
Katy Brand
Omid Djalili
Phil Cornwell
Lucy Montgomery
Mark Perry
Tom Hollander
Andrew Lawrence


Channel: ITV
Created By: Henry Naylor
Written By:
Henry Naylor
Kevin Day
Mark Evans
Lucy Porter
Carl Carter
Tony Cooke
Simon Dean
Richie Webb
Marc Blakewell
James Harris
Original Transmission Dates: 6th April – 15th June 2008




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