On The Hour

On The Hour, 1991

On The Hour was a BBC Radio series that parodied the station’s current affairs broadcasting.  Running between 1991 and 1992 twelve episodes were made over two series.

The show has become a classic of it’s time and was at the time a favourite with critics.  The online magazine The Quietus hailed it as “one of British broadcast comedy’s most dizzying accomplishments” whilst Uncut Magazine called it “the Monty python of the modern era” and “the show that changed everything”

On the Hour was named “Best Radio Comedy” at the 1992 British Comedy Awards.  In the same year it also won the Writers’ Guild Of great Britain Award for Comedy/Light Entertainment.

Regrettably part of the writing team, namely: Stewart Lee and Richard Herring fell out with the others resulting in  creative/legal disputes.  This has had an effect on commercial releases of the show.  However material can be purchased from i tunes.

The remaining writers formed a new partnership adapting the show for TV under the title The Day Today.

On the Hour was the first appearance of Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge character who was the sports desk reporter for the show.


On the Hour starred Chris Morris as the overzealous and self-important principal anchor (for which he used his own full name). He was accompanied by  assorted news reporters, presenters and interviewees, all bringing their take on current affairs.












Chris Morris
David Schneider
Rebecca Front
Patrick Marber
Steve Coogan


Channel: BBC Radio 4
Written By:
Chris Morris
Armando Iannucci
Steven Wells
Andrew Glover
Stewart Lee
Richard Herring
David Quantick
Original Transmission Dates: 9th August 1991 – 28th May 1992