In Sickness And In Health – Christmas 1986

In Sickness And In Health – Christmas 1986

The 1986 Christmas Special, the first without Dandy Nichols was the second of four Christmas episodes made during the series run.  As always its Renu Setna who plays shopkeeper Mr Kettel that steals the show as he explains to Alf how Jesus is the patron saint of shopkeepers.


After a short lived career as a store Santa, Alf faces Christmas on his own, Mrs Hollingbury is going to her relations, Rita is not visting, Else has passed on.  Nothing else for it he’ll have to make peace with the Johnstones to get a bit of Christmas dinner.

When things go from bad to worse who should come to the rescue but Rita.  She’s coming to stay and she’s won  holiday for two to Spain.  Alf is delighted, but his delight is short lived when Rita announces she’s taking her husband.




Alf Garnett – Warren Mitchell
Mrs Hollingbery – Carmel McSharry
Marrigold – Eamonn Walker


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Johnny Speight
Original Transmission Date: 23rd December 1986