Bliss, 2018

An original sitcom from Sky.  This six part comedy was deliberately intended to be a little edgier hence it’s 10pm time slot.

Perhaps it’s later time slot should have been an indicator that this was not a light hearted family sitcom.  It’s controversial subject matter (bigamy) was not generally well received with the all critics, despite a strong cast.

To date there has been only one six part series.


Meet Andrew, a successful travel writer who, through extenuating circumstances, finds himself living between two sets of wives and children whose existences are unknown to each other.

Andrew finds himself in a constant state of moral crisis, as he tries to find a way of balancing his time and energies between his wife Kim and teenage daughter, while travelling back and forth across Bristol to his other family, wife Denise and their teenage son.

As Andrew’s two worlds become ever harder to contain, so does his sanity. And he finds himself going to increasingly drastic lengths to protect the two families he loves.





Stephen Mangan
Heather Graham
Jo Hartley
Spike White
Hannah Millward
Goran Kotic
Oscar Kennedy


Channel: Sky One
Written And Directed By: David Cross
Original Transmission Dates: 14th February – 21st March 2018

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