Alan Partridge – Mid Morning Matters

Alan Partridge – Mid Morning Matters, 2010

When Steve Coogan decided to bring back Alan Partridge, instead of the usual medium of TV, he decided to put the material out online.

In partnership with Foster’s Funny he produced twelve 15 minute episodes of a  fly-on-the-wall mockumentary starring his hugely popular Alan Partridge character.

In October 2010 Steve Coogan confirmed rumours of Alan Partridge’s comeback with a press release.

Alan Partridge – Mid Morning Matters was broadcast on the online Fosters’ Funny site alongside Foster’s Funny You Tube channel.  The series was broadcast in two segments one of six episodes premiering from 5th November.  The second run of the remaining 9 episodes began on 4th February 2011.

In another break from his traditional roots Steve Coogan chose Sky to broadcast a six part series adapted from the web series entitled Alan Partridge Mid Morning Matters: Special Edition.  A second series of Mid Morning Matters, consisting of six episodes was announced on 1st July 2014 and began airing on Sky Atlantic in February 2016.


Everybody’s favourite DJ is back,  Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) is now working for ‘North Norfolk Digital’.

Alan is  occasionally joined by ‘Side-kick Simon’ (Tim Key) who eventually leaves or is fired due to Alan’s gradual dislike towards him.

When Alan discovers that Simon has started guesting as a side-kick on another radio show (a late night comedy show) he becomes noticeably annoyed .

Much of the comedy surrounding Simon comes from his failure to grasp political correctness on sensitive issues which Alan would have to cover for when Simon slipped.

After the departure of Simon, Alan recruits a new side-kick, Zoe (Pippa Duffy), and quickly develops a crush on her.










Steve Coogan
Tim Key
Pippa Duffy


Foster’ (web)
Sky Atlantic (TV)

Written and Created By:
Steve Coogan
Neil Gibbons
Rob Gibbons
Armando Iannucci
Original Transmission:
November 2010 and February 2011 (web, 15 episodes)
July 2012 (TV, 6 episodes series one)
February 2016 (TV series two)