Jeremy Vine, Agony Uncle, 2018

Originally broadcast in two episodes.  This part-scripted, part-improvised spoof phone in was first broadcast as part of BBC Radio 2’s Comedy Showcase in 2018.  It returned later the same year for it’s second episode as a Christmas Special.

Lewis Macleod provides the voice.


Jeremy Vine is best known the UK’s lunchtime radio legend.

However when he’s not interviewing politicians and personalities, unearthing local stories of national importance, or talking to someone from an owl sanctuary in Stevenage, he has another vital role to perform. Whenever he pauses to play a record, he knows he has three minutes to offer off-air advice to the world’s great and good – all of whom have asked him for help in their moment of need. God knows Donald Trump has problems. Which is why they turn, in private, to Jeremy.






Lewis Macleod
Jess Robinson
Terry Mynott


Channel: BBC Radio 2
Written By: Jon Holmes and Cornelius Mendez
Produced By: Nick Minter
Original Transmission Dates: 24th April and 24th December 2018

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