In 2016 we live in a world of multi channel TV, with chanels specialising in many subjects.  UKTV GOLD is perhaps one of the best: giving us re-runs of BBC classics such as Only Fools And Horses.  In recent years the channel has began commissioning it’s own unique shows.

Bull is one such show.  With a pedigree cast that included: Robert Lindsay and Maureen Lipman, this three part sitcom aired in 2015.  It was unique in that it gave a primetime viewing slot to a series written by two first time writers.  More comedy pedigree appears in the independent production: John Stanley Productions (set up by Matt Lucas of Little Britain fame).

The series was adapted from a radio pilot show entitled Antiquity, written by the same writing team.


Follow the antics of Rupert Bull  as he attempts to run his antiques shop, aided and hampered in equal measure by his team of dysfunctional staff.







Robert Lindsay – Rupert Bull
Maureen Lipman – Beverley
Claudia Jessie – Faye
Naz Osmanoglu – Toby
Matt Lucas – Mr Richards


Channel: GOLD
Written By: Gareth Gwynn and John-Luke Roberts
Produced By: John Stanley Productions for UKTV
Original Transmission Dates: 21st October – 4th November, 2015

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